I’m Eric, a photographer. I retell people’s joyous occasions.

A scientist by training, an artist by spirit - requisites for my meticulous approach to navigating and documenting these joyous occasions. “Capturing” the right moment is the easiest part – simply a click of a button. The real difference I make is to architect the right elements that reflect your best self on your best day. A lingering gaze, tender sentiments, and exquisite details - the resulting photos will bring visceral experience of your day alive.

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Where would you go... if you could celebrate your love story anywhere?

From iconic locations to off-the-beaten-paths, we love a good adventure celebrated by love. Elope with us, we'll provide story-boarding and itinerary planning to formulate an incredibly unique experience for just the two of you.

Special rate available for: Ireland, Italy, Greece, Iceland. Ask us about your destination.

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My style channels a carefree, whimsical spirit.
I make it effortless for people to have seamless interactions with their natural environment. “Capturing” the right moment is the easiest part. The real value that I offer is to architect all the right elements to create an environment that reflects your best self on your best day. The re- sulting photos will bring that visceral experience alive. When the time is right, I will also take an active role in offering posing directions to bring out your best moments in the most natural way possible.

01. How would you describe your style?

02. My venue is dark. Will my photos still look alright?

Over the years, I have curated a unique set of night shot techniques along with lighting gears that allow me to skillfully compensate dark environments in a natural and pleasing way. The result is properly lit subjects and magical evening glows, while showcasing the true mood of the moment. Whether it’s a dark church with candles, or an outdoor venue lit by string lights, there’s not a moment lost.

03. How do you prepare for photoshoots?

My team and I do extensive pre-shoot preparation including location scouting, storyboarding, and planning. We plan for the optimum lighting, an- gles, and setup for your actual shoot. There would be no time wasted during your event and you simply have to show up and be yourself.

Given the close attention I give to each piece of work, you will first receive your Highlight Photos (best of the day) in about 2 weeks after the wedding. The full set of processed photos are usually ready in about 3 months.

04. How long does it take to receive my photos?

All photos are thoughtfully and creatively edited by me just as what you see in my portfolio. I personally edit all photos without outsourcing, so rest assured that all your photos will showcase a consistent high quality and signature style.

05. Do you edit all the photos?

06. How many photos do you deliver?

Every wedding is unique, you could expect around 60-100 images for each hour of coverage. Don’t worry, I won’t be hoarding photos, you won't miss a single moment.

07. Could we share inspiration boards with you?

We’re going to be great Pinterest buddies! Share your boards with me and I’ll also share my curated inspiration board. We can craft the perfect mood-board together.

08. Do you also provide videography service?

I am highly focused on providing the best of my expertise in photography. However, I also have a few close videographer partners whom I’ve frequently worked with and trust that I could recommend.

Boho Chic Wedding Bride and Groom Courtyard Jumeirah Al Qasr Dubai

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