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Whimsical Elopement and Wedding Photography, Toronto and Worldwide - preserving delicate memories that are forever tasteful, truthful, and effortless.






Beyond the embellishments lies a heart-felt story. Our sophisticated art direction stays true to visually translating the best version of you.

Harmony of composing the right elements in the right places. Nothing is by coincidence, nor batch, only meticulous craftsmanship.

From planning to direction, every detail is architected to create advantageous frames. All you have to do is enjoy the celebration.


I’m Eric, a Toronto wedding photographer. I retell people’s joyous occasions.

A scientist by training, an artist by spirit - requisites for my meticulous approach to navigating and documenting these joyous occasions. “Capturing” the right moment is the easiest part – simply a click of a button. The real difference I make is to architect the right elements that reflect your best self on your best day. A lingering gaze, tender sentiments, and exquisite details - the resulting photos will bring visceral experience of your day alive.

Congratulations on starting to plan for the big day! Let's explore how we can work together to visually realize your vision.

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