It doesn’t have to take a pandemic for you to consider an intimate micro wedding.

A cozy space, less hassle, a healthier budget, and more time with people closest to you – micro weddings are underrated. The intimate setting with less distraction also offers more uninterrupted time for photos.

You can consider sharing a private vow. And you don’t have to worry about entertaining people and their uncles that you haven’t seen in years.

Here are 6 styles of micro weddings to inspire your planning.

1. Vintage Chapel

This adorable white chapel filled with rustic wood details provided a perfectly cozy ceremony space. There are also some lovely outdoor scenes with neatly planted trees for that “getting lost in the forest” look. Cute in winter time with snow, also cute in warmer weathers with more greeneries. P.S. the golden retriever best-boi does not come with the chapel.

Venue: Cranberry Creek Gardens

2. Cozy Backyard Pop-up

Trust me, you don’t need a huge backyard. Get professionals like Love by Lindsay to set up a pastel colored backdrop and you instantly have a stylish, intimate outdoor venue. This type of set up can also accommodate a cocktail bar and possibly a food station. Perfect for a bright summer day. (P.S. BYOB – bring your own bulldog).

Venue: you know it – your backyard

3. Hip Warehouse

For the hip, minimalist – this warehouse style comes with all the contrast and clean lines that you need. A secret tip here: concrete reflects light and casts a natural glow to the skin, and really makes people pop against that cool black exterior panel. Mix up the textures with the wooden fence and exposed brick walls. Again, husky does not come with the location ;)

Venue: Storehouse 408

Chic warehouse micro wedding cermeony

4. Historical Estate

An elegant manor with a gorgeous grand garden checks all the boxes for that elevated country-style look. This type of setting offers a great variety of backdrops, the manicured garden, fountain, stone-paved terrace, and the beautiful structure of the manor itself. These color tones certainly pair well with soft, warm-toned florals. Hosting a larger wedding at the Graydon Hall? Check out this fairytale wedding at Graydon Hall Manor

Venue: Graydon Hall Manor

5. Whimsical Forest

For the nature lover, these earthy tones transport you to a gentle, tranquil place. Soft, wild grass provides a romantic carpet to lie on. Tall, confident trees form a grand framing and play on the sunlight peeking through. It’s quite the oasis for an intimate escape for just the two of you.

Venue: Kortright Conservation Area

6. Chic Restaurant

Your favorite restaurant can always make a great candidate to host an intimate celebration. This French country-chic restaurant had a beautiful outdoor pavilion for the ceremony. The interior was tastefully decorated with cornflower blue accents, which pairs nicely with the washed wood furniture.

Venue: 1 Hotel Toronto (Formerly known as Colette Grand Cafe)

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