“We’re having second thoughts about our venue ”

– said Evelyn and Ricky, a few months before their wedding date. Then a few weeks later, they made up their mind and told me they decided to elope to Paris.

In fact, it wasn’t really a change of mind – they knew they wanted to elope to Paris all along – the utmost romantic destination, (one of my personal favorite cities), and I was delighted to tell their story through the timeless elegance of this city.

The Eiffel

They tied the knot officially under the Eiffel tower at sunrise. A magical start. I still can’t get over the poetic, pastel skies of Parisian sunrises. We then took the vintage Citroen for a ride around town, absolutely soaking in every pocket of warm sunlight and playful cobblestones.

The “BGB” – Pont Alexandre III and the Petit Palais

Of course, we had to incorporate the classic BGB factor of Paris: Bronze, Gold, Baroque. You heard it here first ;) Isn’t it true? Baroque bronze sculptures decorate such opulent structures, and with a dab of gold here and there for good measures. Whether it’s the Pont Alexandre III or the Petit Palais, the beauty is in the enormity of these gorgeous settings! There’s nothing “petit” about the Petit Palais, and we couldn’t get over what’s more EXTRA about this: the vintage Citroën, the golden gate, or the newly wed’s fierce poses!

Le Palais Royal

A change of gown, and we found ourselves dancing around the popular art installation, Columns of Buren, at Le Palais Royal. I’m declaring right now, that I’ll never ever get tired of the creamy limestones and grey rooftops of Paris.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim or the Inception Bridge

The ever popular Pont de Bir-Hakeim glows at sunset. Something about cars zooming by beside you and trains trekking by above you adds to the allure of the bridge. And then of course, another peak at the Eiffel don’t hurt nobody.

Night at the Louvre

As you can probably tell, we didn’t get enough of intricately carved limestones and found ourselves at the Louvre. Couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous sunset! We were enveloped in the softest blush coloured light, bouncing off of grand windows and of course the infamous pyramid glass.

And that’s it, an incredibly classy, contemporary destination wedding at Paris. Wish the day would never end!

How do you feel about elopements? Where would be your ideal destination? If elopement is on your mind, let’s chat!

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