Historical Charm – Destination Engagement in Kyoto, Japan

March 1, 2018

A destination engagement photoshoot in the preserved historical beauty of Kyoto – there’s truly nothing quite like it!

Oh the colourful, cultured aesthetic of Kyoto in the fall! The bright and fiery fall foliage, the rich textured wood panel houses, the quaint peaceful shrines, every corner is simply otherworldly. One can’t help but imagine the colourful stories that transcended these settings.

Sunrise Photo Session

We excitedly started our day early morning at the Yasaka pagoda area. Yes, the famous narrow street that perfectly forms the winding frame to the pagoda is usually (not surprisingly) packed with tourists. Such peaceful view under soft lights of dawn is perfectly worthy of abandoning a couple of morning zzzz’s. Needless to say, the stone-paved path and wood-covered houses paint a delightedly colour palette for a lingering couple.
Yasaka Pagoda just before dawn in Kyoto JapanKyoto Destination Pre Wedding Photo at the Yasaka PagodaEngagement Photo in KyotoKyoto Yakasa Pagoda Destination Pre Wedding Session
The sun starts peaking more vibrantly and we move to a quiet street nearby which was adorned with a tall, textured wood house. The light hits the wall at an angle, creating a gradient across the wood, which we couldn’t have planned even if we tried. Minimalistic pattern and colour palette make a fail-proof backdrop for portraits.
Japan Destination Wedding Photographer at Gion district in KyotoKyoto Gion Pre Wedding Photography at dawnAutumn photoshoot in Kyoto with golden gingko leavesPre Wedding Session in Kyoto GionJapan Destination Wedding PhotographerJapan Destination Engagement Photographer in Kyoto

Engagement Shoot at the Gion District, Kyoto

Next, we wandered into a small, dainty shrine. Beautiful lanterns, wood plates with Japanese characters, and paper charms tied on flower trees — all glistened under the rising sunlight. There’s something intimate and mysterious about this setting. After an outfit change, we strolled to Gion’s Shinbashi Dori area for some infamous orange fence, which happens to be perfectly highlighted by bright orange maple.
Engagement Photo at the Gion District in KyotoEngagement Photo in Kyoto by Toronto Destination PhotographerKyoto Engagement PhotographerJapan Elopement PhotographerJapan Destination Engagement Photos
So you can see that Kyoto is truly saturated with beauty at every corner. A few hours early morning on foot can abundantly capture a wealth of unique settings of this cultured city. We couldn’t be happier with how this set turned out. You might tell that we have a particular expertise for translating the authentic essence of unique environments on photo. So if you’re considering a destination elopement or engagement photo session, let’s chat!

A big shout out to Jessie from O Weddings! I can’t wait to work with you again in the coming wedding season.


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