It was the end of March that we traveled to Washington DC for this engagement session. Our lovely couple was hoping to catch the infamous cherry blossom season in DC. As you know, the forecast changes all the time and no one knows the peak blossom time until a week prior. In any case, we took a chance, a guess rather, and arrived in DC exactly 2 days before the peak day.

It was cold but the streets are already decorated by a few blossomed trees. The tidal basin trees are just starting to blossom (~60%), so not exactly the sea of pink fluff we were hoping for but we’ll work with it!

Morning sunrise photo of Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC during cherry blossom

Of course, we’re not short of options for beautiful sights in DC. We enjoyed the view all around the Tidal Basin and National Mall, including the grand columns of Jefferson Memorial, and the magical garden in Smithsonian Castle (which were completely flourishing with the most beautiful magnolia trees).

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